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Daly College, Indore RSC 2023

-Saanvi Kochar

On the afternoon of 23rd February, a team of ten students accompanied by two teachers headed to Indore, the cleanest city in India; so vibrant and full of art on every wall. We went to Daly College, Indore for a Jr. Round Square Conference. It would be safe to say that it was a once in a lifetime experience. Waking up every day to a sight of peacocks fanning around their feathers was mesmerizing. In the evening there was a showcase of singing, dance and music all by the Dalians. Thereafter, we were divided into our Baraza groups and got to interact with students from all over India and all the way from Tanzania. The next day we had our first Baraza session with debates and discussions on democracy. After a very fruitful hour, we moved on to our service activity; mine being, to help out underprivileged children and just spending a fun day with them. There were numerous activities, some horse and camel rides, a trampoline and to top it all, a Ferris wheel. The variety of food just satiated my taste buds. Later we also had DJ and danced continuously for two hours. Exhausted but excited for the stand-up comedy, we moved into the auditorium and it was magnificent. I honestly hadn't laughed so much in a very long time. A two-hour trip to Mandu, a historical destination, was planned for us on the 25th March. We explored lots of Forts and Mosques and on a sunny day like that, lemonade was all we needed. Later in the day we also visited Dino Park and learning about fossils really intrigued me. As for my art, I had chosen Mandala, and found myself very interested in getting to know about the intricate designs. I made a piece with Lord Ganesha and felt very proud of it. The following day we had our second Baraza session where we made posters and banners that we would hold in our march past. The architecture of the school, making it look like a royal palace, was so grand and eye-catching. Moving on, we had lessons from Ramayana and Mahabharata, which were very educational. In the afternoon we had adventure activities like Land Roller, Flying Squirrel, Wall Climbing and many more. Drained of all our energy, we went back to our flat with our team in-charge, Advika. In the evening there was a Cultural Programme and every school had to perform. From our School I presented a solo Indian Classical Dance. Nobody could beat the Mayo Boys’ dance though. Throughout the stay we clicked so many pictures to keep the memories of the trip with us. Early morning the next day we left Indore. I can't possibly sum up in any number of words about how amazing this experience has been. I left Indore with a heart full of memories and many new friends!

Wall Climbing done by one of the Sanawarian delegates.

Team for the conference.

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