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Welcome to the Round Square Conference hosted by The Lawrence School, Sanawar, a conference that marks a pivotal moment in our collective pursuit of sustainable happiness. Under the theme "Protect...Preserve...Progress... For Sustainable Happiness," we embark on a journey of exploration, enlightenment, and action.

Throughout this conference, we aim to deepen our understanding of the interconnectedness between environmental preservation, social protection, and progressive development. We recognize that true happiness can only be achieved when we strive for a harmonious balance between human progress and the preservation of our planet.

Sanawar, with its rich heritage and commitment to holistic education, stands as an ideal setting for this transformative event. Nestled amidst the breathtakingly beauty of nature, we are reminded of the intrinsic value of our environment and the urgent need to protect it for future generations.

The conference will provide a platform for participants from diverse cultures and backgrounds to exchange ideas, engage in meaningful dialogues, and explore innovative solutions to global challenges. We believe that through collaboration and shared experiences; we can ignite positive change and pave the way for a sustainable and happy future.

Our comprehensive programme encompasses a range of engaging discussions, inspiring keynote speeches, and hands-on experiential activities. Together, we will delve into topics such as ecological conservation, sustainable development, and ethical leadership. By immersing ourselves in these crucial subjects, we will gain the knowledge, skills, and motivation needed to create lasting impact within our own communities.

Furthermore, the conference will offer ample opportunities for participants to engage in service projects, environmental initiatives, and cultural exchanges. We strongly believe in the power of service as a catalyst for personal growth, fostering empathy, and building bridges between individuals and communities.

As we come together for this Round Square Conference, let us challenge ourselves to think beyond conventional boundaries and embrace the responsibility we bear as global citizens. Let us be inspired by the shared purpose that unites us all—to preserve our planet, protect the vulnerable, and progress towards a more sustainable and harmonious world.


Delegates heading to The Lawrence School, Sanawar will be travelling to one of India’s most popular
summer destinations, Himachal Pradesh, where they will be staying in the historic surroundings of
one of the oldest co-educational residential schools in Asia.
On a rural hilltop at 5600 ft, forested with pine and evergreens, Sanawar, established in 1847, is spread over 139 acres and is a historical landmark in its own right. With its characteristic red
roofs, visible on the horizon for miles in all directions, the estate is a veritable wonderland of
rambling paths, trees, flowers and exotic birdlife. To the north, on a clear sparkling morning, the
panoramic view of the snow clad peaks of the Himalayas can be seen, while to the south are rolling
hills leading down to the plains.


The logo for the Round Square Conference, hosted by Sanawar, under the theme "Preserve...Protect...Progress... For Sustainable Happiness" has been designed by our students, Preet Gupta and Samvritha Suresh. 

The theme of the conference is "Protect...Preserve... Progress...For Sustainable Happiness!" The bounties of Nature, especially Water, touches our lives in many ways. The next generation of adults will not have these gifts of Nature in abundance unless we sensitize them and encourage them to seek innovative solutions.

The logo serves as a visual representation of our collective commitment towards a more sustainable and harmonious world. As we gather at the Round Square Conference, let this logo serve as a reminder of our shared purpose and the importance of preserving, protecting, and progressing towards sustainable happiness.


It is a symbol that unites us, ignites our passion, and guides us on this meaningful journey.


We look forward to welcoming you to the Sanawar Round Square Conference-2023, where together, we will explore, collaborate, and forge new paths towards a world of sustainable happiness.

Sanawar RSC Logo

Designed by Preet Gupta and Samvritha Suresh

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